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                Last available pup out from our 'M' litter, for more informations, feel free to contact us
                                  by mail to:

                                                                   Pic at 30 days old :)





                                                                                WE HAVE BABYS!! :)
                       Our beautiful Bahia has been mum of 11 beautiful pups, 6 brown boys, 1 black boy,
                       2 black ladies and 2 brown ladies... all big and strong. Mum and bbs are doing well.
                     We have 2 brown males, 1 black male, 1 black female and 1 brown female




We have pups! :)
One of our 'L' babys (H'Iron Maiden De Dashlut X Belcebú Bully De Demonheart) 

 For more informations about our pups, matings or planned litters, 
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Pedigree 'L' litter:



-Due to personal reasons we offer for sale impressive male pup out from our "I" litter (Al Diamante DPDS X Christine De Demonheart) , Icarus De Demonheart, born 13.05.11. Big size male with strong bone structure, excellent head and stunning character, for more informations, please contact us by e-mail to

-Available last  awesome female out from our excepcional "K" litter (Al Diamante DPDS X Angie De Demonheart) , for more informations please contact us by phone or e-mail, amazing female with so powerful bone structure and exceptional size, better see her and meet her parents to understand what we're talking about...



Available 1 black male & 1 Brown male
out of our J litter (Cancerbero De Demonheart X Bahia DPDS)
More informations: 

Jack Daniels De Demonheart  (1'5 months)

Janick Gers De Demonheart (1'5 months)

-New pups in kennel:

Our Al Diamante DPDS at Demonheart & our Angie De Demonheart have been
proud parents of a wonderful litter of stunning babys.
D.O.B: 07.07.11
2-Brown males
3-Brown Females
1-Black female

For more informations contact us to  , this litter is very special for the really strong bone structure of the parents, hard to find nowadays, better see them live...
The pups will go just to selected and approved homes, even more hardly choosen than in our habitual procedure...


-New pups in kennel:
" I " litter:

Al Diamante Del Palazzo Di Shanta                                          Christine De Demonheart
(Graaf Monzon VNS X Vivre La France VGW)            (Otto De Rizzi X Angie De Demonheart) 
D.O.B: 13 May'11.   

1-Black male.
1-Brown male.
2-Brown females.

Pedigree of our  " I " litter:

 "J " litter:

Cancerbero De Demonheart                                                    Bahia Del Palazzo Di Shanta
(Otto De Rizzi X Angie De Demonheart)      (F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell X Via Vitessa De Léa Módena)
D.O.B:  22 May'11

3-Black males.
1-Brown male.
1-Black female.
1-Brown female.
We have 1 Black male & 1 brown male available for sale.

Bahia with our " I " and " J " babys...

Pedigree of our  "J " litter:

For more informations about our pups, you can contact us on:

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-New presentation in our site of our lovely Fast As A Shark De Demonheart :)
(Daughter of our Easy Going Ike DPD X Cristal Connie De Demonheart) 
Click over her name or over her pic to know her better...



-On Valls National Show (CAC) our dogs had great results:

-Fast As A Shark De Demonheart - VP1º - Puppy Class
-Fire Dreams A Rita's Legacy (our lovely GP) - Exc1º - Best female - CCJ
She winned her 1st point for the Spanish Youth Championship! :)
Fast As A Shark De Demonheart

Fire Dreams A Rita's Legacy "Mel"

-New mating planned for Spring 2011...more informations soon ;)

-New pics of our wonderful Diablo De Demonheart on his presentation,
click over his pic to see them.


2010 NEWS:
Our babys are born!!!
On 19.06.10 our "G" litter is born!!!
2 Brown males, 3 Black males, 1 Brown female & 2 Black females ou from our
Al Diamante DPDS & our Barbarella De Demonheart
On 06.06.10 our babys from "F" litter arrived!!!
1 Brown male, 1 Black male, 2 Brown females & 3 Black females out from our
Easy Going Ike DPDS & our Cristal Connie De Demonheart

Cristal & Barbarella with their babys :)))
For more info and reservations, you can contact us by mail: 
We always reply to our mails, if you don't receive any reply from us within 3 days, please, 
send us again your mail, thanks :))



-Confirmed by ecography!!! :))) Our beautiful Barbarella is expecting many
babys from our Big Boy, Al Diamante!!
To see the latest pics of Barbarella, just click over her picture or over her name :))
-Confirmated by ecography!! We're expecting babys from Ike and Cristal :)))
...still waiting for the good days to make ecography to our Barbarella...
-New presentation of our Cristal Connie De Demonheart, please click
over her name or over her pic below to see it :)) 
-Big update on ourEasy Going Ike'spresentation, with new pics and show results.
Click on his name or pic below to see the updates :))
We're so happy to announce our two matings made in April:
Easy Going Ike DPDS at Demoneart                                   Cristal Connie De Demonheart   
(Multich.Zordan Zewi Del Citone X Bomba Latina DPDS)                    (Otto De Rizzi X Angie De Demonheart)                                  Pic taken at 10,5 months old                                                           Pic taken at 23 months old                           

Barbarella De Demonheart                                        Al Diamante DPDS at Demonheart  
(Lavaro De Rizzi X Angie De Demonheart)               (Graaf Monzon V.Nêerlands Stamm X Vivre La France VGW)
Pic taken at 2,5 years old                                                           Pic taken at 20 months old

You can see the pedigree of future litters in our puppies section :))
For more informations while we update our site, please contact us on

-On Igualada's show (25.04.10):
Easy Going Ike DPDS at Demonheart: Exc1º Youth Class black males.
Fire Dreams A Rita's Legacy (our super German Pinscher): MB1ª BOB Puppy Class.
Fire Dreams A Rita's Legacy (Mel) in showring

Easy Going Ike DPDS at Demonheart on previous show
 here with his handler Marcos
(Int.Show Girona '10 - Exc1º Youth class Black males)

-Our beautiful Cancerbero De Demonheart has been proud daddy of one wonderful litter with lady Tralla.
D.O.B: 23.01.10

Pic of one of Pups at 26 days old
Cancerbero De Demonheart, father of puppys, at 20 months old.
Our Cancerbero is son of Otto De Rizzi
(Multich.Urbano Del Diamante Nero X Ch.Pepa De Swarlazd)
and our Angie De Demonheart
(Multich.Armani Dente Del Gigante X Bani)

Tralla, mother of puppys.
Tralla is daughter of Mito Del Diamante Nero
(Multich.Pathos Delle Querce Nere X Zama Del Diamante Nero)
and Racha Del Llerón

-New male presentation: Diablo De Demoneart
To visit his profile, just click over his name or over his pic..




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